Fun & efficient program designed to shed fat and get you stronger

Drop and give yourself some "me time"

"Me time". When's the last time you took time just for you? Time to focus on yourself and your workouts. Time to focus on eating the right foods and getting yourself into amazing shape. Has it been awhile?

We get it, you're busy. Time is precious and you have better things to do with your time then spend hours running on a boring treadmill or trying to figure out a workout routine in a sweaty gym. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, how you stay consistent with it? That's where we can step in to help you out! We've built an fun, efficient and effective training program that takes the guesswork out of the equation. Join us for two to three, 4o minute workouts a week. You'll get stronger, move better, have more energy, and lose fat*.

Suitable for
all levels

There's no need to be intimidated... no experience is required. Fitness is a journey. We're here to start you from the beginning and have you progress from week-to-week. You're encouraged to take it at your own pace. If you're more experienced, you'll be able to "push the pace". Exercise options and modifications are given to suit the needs of all participants.

your #goals

We get it: you want the healthiest, strongest body that can have the energy to take on your life... whether that's looking after the kids, dominating at work or training as an athlete. We want to get you there!  We'll guide, motivate and hold you accountable through both your nutrition and exercise to ensure that you reach YOUR #goals*

Enjoy the

How can you be successful in achieving your #goals if you don't enjoy your training? Each week your training will be different and each class offers a new challenge and builds upon the last. You and your muscles will never be bored :) You'll get to know the people working out with you, make friends and achieve awesome results*.

You'll LUV this! Are you in?


Julie dropped 49lbs in 20 weeks!*

Watch her 90sec story...

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What can I expect?

iluvthis Bootcamp is a fitness and nutrition program for both women and men ages 16 - 65+. These workouts are safe but will push you out of your comfort zone (That's where the change happens). We utilize many combinations of strength and cardio/conditioning intervals and circuit training with your bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, slam balls, battling ropes, jump ropes, kettlebells and more...

Throughout the program, you'll receive email updates on nutrition, fat loss tips and workouts that you can do at home or when you're travelling on the road. 

What do I bring?

The only equipment you need to bring with you:

  • yoga mat
  • set of 8-25lbs. dumbbells (depends on your level)
  • stability / swiss ball
  • water bottle
  • All other equipment used in class is provided for you.

    Why bootcamp over going to a gym?

    Get outside for a total-body workout that builds strength and aerobic capacity at the same time.

    Expect results

    Our programm will help you shed inches, notice more lean muscle mass, lose body fat, improve your cardio endurance, boost your energy levels and increase your confidence!*

    Certified Trainers

    Our bootcamp programming is designed and lead by a certified fitness trainer with over 15 years of experience. Nutrition information is supplied by nutrition and wellness specialist.

    Limited class size

    Each location is set to a maximum of 20 participants per class for a personal and interactive experience.

    Challenging yet fun

    Our super efficient 40 minute class provides you with a new challenge every time. We utilize your bodyweight and you get to play with some fun equipment to build strength, shred fat and push you to see the results you want*.


    Ever feel lost in the gym... like you don't know what to do? No longer. An effective and well designed workout awaits you each time! Our trainers are happy to provide exercises modifications for individuals.

    Motivation from others

    It's a fact: you always workout harder when you're being guided and motivated by someone else. You'll join a community of other like-minded people looking to encourage you on!

    1-on-1 Consultations

    Our coaches meet with you to help set your goals and determine how you should eat based on your metabolic type. Every 6 weeks, we'll meet with you again to reassess your goals and measure your progress. Now that's focused on you!

    Community & Accountablity

    Our nutrition & fitness journal allows for easy tracking to guide you to achieve your goals. We also have a NEW private Facebook group for you to ask questions, share recipes and look for guidance.

    It pays to bring your friends

    You get $100 cash or a free 1 month membership for every person you refer who also becomes a member. 12 friends = a free year and a super personal community to workout with :)

    Look great while working out

    Each new member receives a fly looking iluvthis Bootcamp t-shirt to workout in.

    Find the location closest to you

    7:00pm - New St
    Mon & Wed + Sat+

    Erin Mills
    6:00pm - Dundas St W
    Tue & Thu + Sat+

    7:00pm - Queen St
    Mon & Wed + Sat+

    6:00am - McCraney St E
    Mon / Wed / Fri

    9:30am - McCraney St E
    Mon / Wed / Fri

    7:20pm - Trafalgar Rd
    Mon & Thu + Sat+

    We're flexible!

    Having many locations & times give you flexibility. We want you to get your workouts in and be consistent. Make up a missed class at ANY location. +We also provide a Saturday morning classes at 8:15AM in Burlington (Wellington Square), 9:00AM in Mississauge (Erin Mills) and home workouts to do on your own. We're good like that...

    What others are saying about iluvthis Bootcamp!**

    Joanne dropped 21lbs & 39 inches in just 10 weeks!*

    "Bootcamp changed everything... When I saw that I had lost 11 lbs. and 18.5 inches after 5 weeks*, I was shocked... results came so fast, I couldn't believe it... Working in a group is much more fun and motivating than trying to do it alone. I haven't felt this good in years!!!"
    - Joanne P.

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    Are you in?


    * Specific results may vary from person to person.

    ^ Sustained self-regulation of energy intake. Loss of weight in overweight subjects. Maintenance of weight in normal-weight subjects. Ciampolini M, Lovell-Smith D Sifone M. Unit of Preventive Gastroenterology Florence, Italy. Nutrition and Metabolism Jan 2010 19: 7:4

    ** Testimonials Disclaimer: Every results testimonial on this website is from a real iluvthis Bootcamp by JQ Fitness bootcamper who participated in the program. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement. Results (weight, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, etc) were self-reported by the participant. Results may not be typical for every individual.