Client Testimonials - What iluvthis Bootcamp Participants Think?**

Before I started bootcamp, I had turned into a couch potato – emotionally eating and gaining a lot of weight. It really bothered me and yet I just couldn't seem to stop myself. It was a vicious circle, the more I ate – the more I gained and the more I gained – the more I ate. I was tired all the time and had no energy to do anything. My daughters were very concerned and very upset. Bootcamp changed everything, especially after the mid point evaluation. When I saw that I had lost 11 lbs. and 18.5 inches after 5 weeks*, I was shocked! It gave me the motivation to keep going. Results came so fast, I couldn't believe it. Following the "eating healthy", not eating after 7:00pm and the exercise is definitely the answer. Working in a group is much more fun and motivating than trying to do it alone. I haven't felt this good in years!!!"

Joanne P, Mississauga

"Over the last year and a half I have had the privilege of being part of the iluvthis Bootcamp family. The energy is amazing, the workouts are exhilarating and Jeff never ceases to surprise with a new set of a workout each day! JQ Fitness continues to excite, impress and keep us all actively engaged in participating and seeing the results. Here is a pure example of great Leadership! People oriented, thoughtful, educational on health, exercise and nutrition habits! The Leadership Team goes far and beyond a workout routine. They are charitable, engaged with the community in support of numerous organizations and social events. Waking up early to get to a 6:00am class is not easy. It is the team energy and personal perseverance that one develops, that keep us empowered to reach beyond our personal level of comfort to attain individual fitness goals. I couldn't be happier to have found the iluvthis Bootcamp and on the plus side, they helped me lose 35lbs.* and maintain my weight for a year. Keep up the good work!"

Lana B, Oakville

"Bootcamp and Johanna taught me a lot about my fitness level and my diet. I was able to increase my endurance, drop pounds and inches and feel better, both physically and mentally. I enjoyed challenging myself and felt a great sense of accomplishment even half way through! Definitely a must!"

Michelle B, Mississauga

"I participated in bootcamp for the first time with the HOLIDAY this year, followed by the Spring session. Collectively, they have been the best workouts I've had in many years, including those with personal trainers. My goal wasn't weight loss or even 'inch loss' but general strength increase and a higher level of overall fitness. I feel I am making incredible progress towards these goals. And it's fun too. Thank you!"

Naomi N, Oakville

"What can I say. I've tried a few bootcamps and by far, iluvthis Bootcamp has exceeded every expectation I've ever had! You guys are SOOOO much better than the rest! I hope you realize you really are an amazing bootcamp. I love it here and I wanna be a member for life. I praise your bootcamp everywhere I go and to anyone I meet..."

Elizabeth D, Mississauga

"All I can say is join!!! I originally signed up for just 5 weeks as I was not sure if I would like Bootcamp, nor was I sure if I'd see the results I was hoping for. Well, I've ended up signing up for 20 weeks {so far} and saw the results I was looking for in only 5 weeks! Now my goals have changed, and I'm meeting these new goals too. I'm so impressed! I'm now a bootcamp "LUVER" thanks to Johanna and her team!"

Staci E, Burlington

"LUVed the variety of workouts, despite it being challenging, I felt great after every workout! Even though I felt my muscles on the second day after the workout, I knew the workout was working for me! I feel good about the training and most of all I lost inches and can fit into my size 4 clothing again!*

Sandra H, Oakville

"As a runner I knew I needed to be doing more to be a better runner and I feel it has definitely made a difference in my level of fitness. I have now been attending since the fall and on top of the health benefits I am getting comments from people noticing the shape of my arms which was just an added perk. I can't say enough about your program..."

Debra D, Mississauga

"How could I not join again? You have changed my life so much. I have been going to the gym for a year now and have seen more results in the last 8 weeks then going to the gym.* I can't thank you enough! You inspire and encourage me on a weekly basis to do my very best and most of all no workout is ever the same. Thank you for doing what you do! You both inspire me and I can't wait to see what another 10 weeks will do!! :)"

Shannon B, Oakville

"When I started bootcamp I was out of shape and unsure if it was possible for my body to change. Throughout the 10 Week program I lost about 13lbs.* but the INCHES and the toning that happened changed my body completely. Although I am not at my goal, I am now encouraged and energized to keep at it until I do. My trainer Candace was always happy to see us bootcampers and ready to encourage, pump us up and work us out. She offered nutrition tips and even where to buy particular products to help our bodies. For all of this, I am grateful!"

Tracy P, Mississauga

After having two children in as many years and really letting my fitness regime go – I was in need of a boost. Johanna and her bootcamp class was just what I needed – motivating and effective! As a much happier, fit and energetic mom, I would highly recommend iluvthis Bootcamp by JQ Fitness."

Charmaine, Mississauga

"I would highly recommend iluvthis Bootcamp for anyone who wants to get off the couch and improve their health. The workouts are challenging and varied so you never get bored. Exercising with a group is fun and the camaraderie helps keep you going. Classes feel as if you have your own personal trainer in a fun, fast-paced environment. I feel muscles that I never knew I had! Johanna is a perfect instructor for boot camp. She offers various levels of exercies for people of different fitness levels - intense or a little more gentle - both are possible here. She's fun and a good motivator too. Johanna knows her stuff!"

Chris K, Mississauga

"LUV this program! The boot camp is really the kick in the rear I needed to get me back on a routine workout schedule. The best thing about this program is the variety it provides. I love being outside so this type of exercise is perfect for me. Exercising outside with a great, like-minded group of people and an awesome instructor (thanks Johanna for kicking our butts!!) has given me energy and drive to reach my goals of being healthier and more fit! Thanks so much!"

Aleks S, Mississauga

"This bootcamp is different than the others I've taken! You guys really care about making sure we achieve results... therefore I'm coming back for another 10 weeks! wooohoo!"

Natalie L, Mississauga

"At 43, I had avoided exercise, because I felt I looked ridiculous attempting to work out. The various fitness levels/ages of the participants and "can do" attitude of trainers really helped overcome that, along with the weekly progress I have seen in myself. Week One was very tough - Week Eight feels fantastic! I LUV this Bootcamp!"

Edel G, Oakville

"After 6 years of university and physical inactivity, I had been left with some terrible eating habits and constantly feeling lethargic and unhappy. Once a week fitness programs left me feeling extremely frustrated, so this boot camp jump started both a healthy lifestyle and an accountabilty that ensured success. Now friends and family are constantly commenting on the noticeable changes!"

Ashley L, Mississauga

"When I first joined bootcamp I was excited but a little scared. Knowing I have a hard time pumping out five push-ups in a row I was wondering how I would be able to get through this. I made some mistakes, the day of the first class I didn't have much to eat and breakfast consisted of Lucky Charms =| Needless to say, I felt like passing out and throwing up. With the help of nutritional tips from Candace and the e-mails received, I was able to understand how to better fuel my body. After the initial soreness of the first week, each class got better and yes I'm even able to do more than 5 push-ups in a row and it feels great!!"

Teresa A, Mississauga

"I personally luv bootcamp for the simple reason that every workout is different so you don't know what to expect and you are never bored. Each session you are getting a full body workout (for the most part). It definitely beats going to a gym!"

Denise P, Oakville

* Specific results may vary from person to person.

** Testimonials Disclaimer: Every results testimonial on this website is from a real iluvthis Bootcamp by JQ Fitness bootcamper who participated in the program. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement. Results (weight, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, etc) were self-reported by the participant. Results may not be typical for every individual.